Create your Unique Radiator Cover in just 4 Steps



Step 1 Measure Your Radiator

We prefer you to follow our picture where you can see what dimensions we are looking for. Preferably, measure in millimeters (mm).  

A- Length of your radiator from valve to valve

B- Height of your radiator from floor to top of radiator

C- Depth of your radiator from wall to the furthest point of your radiator front

D- Distance from your radiator to top object (window sill, wall panel, mirror, etc) if any

E&F- Distance from your radiator valve to objects on the right or left (door, socket, other furniture, etc) if any

G- Height and depth of your skirting board if any


Step 2 Choose Design

We are offering the following designs. However, if there is something you like and can not see it here please send us a picture or a radiator cover sketch and we will try our best to make it for you.



                        Click on the picture



                      Click on the picture



                     Click on the picture




                       Click on the picture





                        Click on the picture


Classic Oak Veneer




                       Click on the picture


Manhattan Oak Veneer






Step 3 Choose Finish

Our standard and most popular colour is Satin White. We can also paint your radiator cover in any colour you want, for that please click here to choose the colour. Please choose paint type: gloss, satin or matte. 

Step 4 Foil Line

If you are going for a Heat-Save Foil Kit, please mention it in your contact form or to our sales assistant. 



 If you are interested in radiator cover unit, please click here for more info

Design 60cm 90cm 120cm 140cm 160cm 180cm 200cm 220cm 240cm
Valencia €150 €180 €200 €210 €220 €240 €260 €280 €300
Vintage €160 €190 €210 €220 €230 €250 €270 €290 €310
Modern €100 €130 €150 €160 €170 €190 €210 €230 €250
Contemporary €150 €180 €200 €210 €220 €240 €260 €280 €300
Classic  €120 €150 €170 €180 €190 €210 €230 €250 €270
Manhattan €120 €160 €180 €190 €200 €220 €240 €260 €280
Roma €170 €200 €220 €230 €240 €260 €280 €300 €320




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