The idea was simple: If radiator cover stops the heath coming into the room, then it should be a solution to that. Radiator cover is a nice and functional piece of furniture so what can we do to get the same amount of heat? And then I and my wife came up with a great idea. We took heath resistant foil line and started testing it. We have started with our own house. Going from one room to another. The result was impressive. The temperature didn’t drop. 

It was a great idea of energy saving and this is how we came up with the name EcoRads.


The next step for us was figuring out how to turn this remarkable business idea into reality. Fast forward to 2013, we registered our company. Initially, it presented as a massive challenge to us, as the both of us belong to very different fields and with no experience in furniture, we started by importing premade radiator covers however, soon enough we realized the great potential in custom-made products for our customers. One size does not fit all, neither do radiator covers. As the business progressed, so did our ideas. We expanded our collection from radiator covers to radiator over units so that it could either seamlessly blend into your beautiful cabinetry or be a statement piece of the space. We have always been of the opinion that home does not need to be boring to be cosy and we fully dedicate ourselves to incarnate that idea. Having designed countless bespoke pieces until now, we have innumerable satisfied customer base who is a proof of our passion and work.

Nowadays, EcoRads have already sold over 3000 Radiator Covers & Cabinets in Ireland. Our team is equipped to offer an array of designs, sizes and finishes to choose from. We work with many commercial clients such as Wall’s construction and Hilton Dublin to name a few. We feel tremendous pride in our work with individual clients and the help we have been able to offer crèches, nursing homes and hospitals with supplying and fitting EcoRads radiator covers. EcoRads is also a member of BNI group. Our team is extremely gratified that apart from being energy efficient we also provide safety and elegance in your home.