With an endless choice of designs, materials, finishes and accessories to choose from, our team is here to help. There are three collections: Modern, Classic and Sliding to get an inspiration from and help you to select your new storage unit.


Modern Collection 

Make a contemporary statement. This collection will help you create a fresh and elegant storage space, creating a peaceful and clutter-free atmosphere. 


Classic Collection

It is perfect balance between the beauty of history and the function of today. With charming details and classic lines, we’ll help you create a cosy ambience that’s stylish and inviting.


classic wardrobe
display unit, storage wardrobe, storage cabinets
hinged door wardrobe, bedroom furniture

Sliding Collection

Sliding range will transform any room from out of date to out of this world. Sliding doors blend seamlessly into your room, saving precious space and creating a modern vibe.

sliding door wardrobe
sliding door wardrobe
sliding door wardrobe


If you have an idea and would like to know more about our storage solutions or to discuss colour options, accessories and design, please get in touch with us. We are happy to provide a quote or to arrange a call out free of charge.


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