Bespoke furniture


Custom Made furniture has become much more affordable these days! Here we can provide you hassle free service and good quality custom product at affordable price!

Our professional team will be able to help you out with your idea and make it real. We can design and manufacture custom furniture such as Book Cases, Cabinets, TV Stands, Display Units, Radiator Covers, Decorative Panels, Fuse Box Covers and Shelves.


If you have a picture of furniture you like but cannot find it in shops?

If you have space that you would like to use more efficiently but cannot find furniture that fits perfect?

If you have an idea and want bring it to life?

If the answer is yes, contact us now for a quote or to discuss your project


We are based in Ashbourne, Co. Meath and can provide Bespoke Furniture in the area of Dublin and Meath.




If you have any queries or would like to get a  quote please get in touch with us today! | 019010333 | 0871015010

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