Create your Unique Alcove Unit in just 5 Steps



Step 1 Measure Your Space

We prefer you to follow our picture where you can see what dimensions we are looking for. Preferably, measure in millimeters (mm).  

A- Length of your alcove space from wall to wall

B- Height of the alcove unit you would like to get

C- Depth of your alcove space from back wall to the front


Height and depth of your skirting board if any


Step 2 Choose Design

We are offering the following 2 designs: Full Height Alcove Cabinet and Bottom Cabinet with Floating Shelves. However, if there is something you like and can not see it here please send us a picture or sketch by email: and we will try our best to make it for you.

 Full Height Alcove Cabinet                          Bottom Cabinet & Floating Shelves



Step 3 Choose Your Door Style

Please note top part of the door on the picture is a drawer design.



Step 4 Choose Which Way to Open Your Door

Please choose whether you would like to have handle, knob or push system to open your door.

We are working with German brand Häfele, please click here to choose the design of your handle or knob. If you would like handleless door style please mention that to us and we will provide you with push catcher.



Step 5 Choose Finish

Our standard and most popular colour is Satin White. We can also paint your alcove unit in any colour you want, for that please click here to choose the colour. Please choose paint type: gloss, satin or matte. 



Some of Our Previous Work

alcove cabinet tv unit  

TV unit and 2 alcove cabinets designed and built by us finished in New Tie colour (F&B) 

 Alcove units with wall frame finished in Purbeck Stone colour from F&B 

alcove cabinet tv unit

Full Height design alcove cabinet with handleless door design in satin white colour

Unique design alcove units with floating shelves finished in Worsted satin colour


Ivory Alcove cabinets to utilise the space more efficiently 

Get more use from you utility room by building alcove cabinet with doors and drawers

       Add extra storage space to your bathroom. Burnt oak cabinet with handle groove doors     

Burnt oak alcove unit with toughened glass shelves and no handle  doors



Please submit a contact form to us to get a quote of your Alcove unit.


Please get in touch!