team has designed and developed unique radiator covers which are not only a decorative piece of furniture but also energy efficient equipment.

    Uncovered Radiator

     Without radiator covers or insulation the radiant heat goes in all directions, including to the cold exterior walls. As the air around the radiator is warming up it rises to the ceiling and displaced air draws fresh, cool air from below. The warm air goes straight up the wall to the ceiling and will eventually mix with cooler air to warm the room.

    Covered Radiator

    Ecorads radiator covers cab be foil lined with reflective insulation using HeaSave Foil Lining Kit, so it reflects the radiant heat away from the exterior wall, and pushes it outside of the radiator cover into the room. The normal convection air flow around the radiator can be directed out into the room where the hot and cold air can mix more effectively.


    Radiators help circulating the hot air throughout the room, nevertheless the most of the heat is transmitted via radiation. Since majority of radiators are mounted on the outside walls of the house, lots of energy is being wasted by warming an exterior wall. Multiple websites suggest to insulate the back of the radiator with a foil insulation, so it would reflect the heat back to the room. Which would make sense to do even if you are not going to use radiator covers or cabinets to cover the radiators.  

    • Unique design of our radiator covers allows considerably increase heat output into your room.
    • We also provide reflective foil piece for the back of the radiator. The air flow pushes the warm air forward instead of straight up.
    • The R value for our SFTV SuperFoil can be achieved up to 1.42. As a result, your room will stay just as warm allowing you to decrease the temperature on your thermostat.