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We offer good-looking and environmentally friendly radiator covers to make your home the coziest place in the world where you always want to return. Our radiator covers cork are cheap, qualitative and economical. They will help you to stop wasting heat and to start using it in a saving manner. We know that you want to use less energy for your home heating. That is why we have created radiator covers and cabinets using the innovative design and technologies in order to inspan the heat of the central heating system and to send it into necessary direction. Using our radiator covers you will be able to save money on the fuel bills every day, from day to day.

Custom radiator covers are made in the unique design which helps to ensure better thermal air flow. The heat will not be kept inside the radiator cabinet. It will be deflected out of it in order to create optimal temperature conditions within doors.

The efficiency of the heating system of your home depends on the correctly matched radiator covers. Our designers take the features of the modern heating systems into consideration so that to optimize the heat reflection back to your room. Convection alone is not enough that is why we use unique constructions and materials to avoid the waste of energy. With our radiator covers your radiators will not heat the walls – they will heat the air indoors so that you can enjoy optimal temperature conditions for life.

We offer radiator covers and cabinets of different size, shape and color. You can find the perfect ones, which will be the most suitable for your home interior. Coloured radiator covers are the perfect way to refresh the design of the interior. You have the opportunity to order radiator covers in Modern and Classic styles as well as in two colours: white and unpainted. Our radiator covers are ready to be painted your favorite color. You can use this interior detail to make your home more comfortable and cozy.

So what can modern radiator covers give to you? Definitely better heat and look for your home. Radiator covers and cabinets are not just the decorative piece of the interior. They provide you with numerous benefits, safety, cost and design advantages.

The most important reason to buy radiator cover is safety for you and your loved ones. Radiators are made of metal that is why they can get very hot. Hot radiators are very insecure for everybody not just for small children and pets who can touch them by accident. Additionally, if the radiator breaks and begins to shoot off steam, radiator cover will protect people and environment.

Radiator covers are used with the aim not just to protect the living things, but also the elements of the environment. They block heating of the walls and draperies in order to save heat and to extend their service life.

It is proved that covered radiator can distribute heat better than the uncovered one. Studies have shown that the usage of the radiator covers helps to create better living conditions in your home. So do not hesitate and order radiator covers at the best price right now.