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B - Small Manhattan Oak Radiator Cover


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Manhattan Design Energy Efficient Radiator Cover

Internal Dimensions:
Length = 950mm
Height = 823mm
Depth  = 149.5mm
External Dimentions:
Length = 1006mm
Height = 838mm
Depth  = 203mm
Skirting Cut Out = 165mm x 25mm


This radiator cover comes finished in Oak Veneer. If you select to upgrade to HeatSave Kit then the top and sides of the radiator cover walls will come foil lined and high quality heat reflective SFTV insulation screen for the back of the radiator will be included. This can dramatically increase heat saving and energy efficiency in your room, since most of the heat from your radiator will be pushed into the room, rather than wasted on heating the back wall. The unique design of our radiator covers allows driving the air forward instead of straight up. This helps effectively boost the power output of your radiators.

Measurement Requirements

Please measure your radiator from Valve to Valve as most of the cases the radiator valves are the widest part of you radiator. Our Radiator covers are made larger than the size of your radiator. This is to allow easy fitting and to create the airflow.

If you are not sure which radiator cover you need please send us your measurements and we will recommend a radiator cover for you.

Radiator Cover Assembly 

All our radiator covers comes delivered to you with step by step easy to follow instruction and all required fittings. It should take you no longer than 5 minutes to fully put together our radiator cover. 

Please watch our video for further instructions