Our team had a great experience of setting up Silver Stream Healthcare in Clontarf. It was very challenging job for us because all radiator covers had to be custom made and had a Magnolia finish. We were working on that site for a week.  When all 78 radiator covers were perfectly assembled and every HeatSave Foil Lining Kit was placed behind each radiator we were happy to say, that the job is done. 

Advantages of Our Radiator Covers for Nursing Homes 

Our company, EcoRads, has a long track record of providing great radiator covers for different kinds of properties. We take pride in the fact that our covers are rather adaptable, and so they can work well in a wide variety of settings. One particular type of property which would benefit significantly from our radiator covers is the nursing home. Here are some of the benefits that these provide.

Radiator Covers & Nursing Home Safety

Safety is one of the key benefits that radiator covers offer. In a regular home, a safety risk is created when radiators are left exposed. After all, these are designed to radiate and give off heat, and when the metal parts are left uncovered, this could lead to people, children or pets getting burned or injured. This is also a concern in a nursing home. The person staying in the room may accidentally brush up against the radiator, fall against it or press on it. This could lead to the occupant getting injured, which is even more of a problem in elderly people who may be more prone to injury-related infections or complications. So there is a clear need here for radiator covers (Nursing home staff will particularly appreciate this type of injury prevention.).

Radiator Covers & Nursing Home Comfort

Comfort is another very important aspect of nursing home interiors. It's crucial to ensure that the rooms of the elderly occupants maintain an ideal range of temperature, especially in the colder months. If the room becomes too chilly, that could make the elderly people more prone to certain illnesses, as well as various aches and pains. So it's important to get temperature right, and radiator covers help in this regard. The radiator covers provided by us at EcoRads are designed in order to best ventilate and spread the heat throughout the interior air of the space. The heat won't get trapped behind the cover, and neither will it transfer to the walls or other surfaces. The air temperature will instead be sufficiently warm and comfortable, and the occupants will be able to rest better and will be protected from the cold. So this is another major benefit of radiator covers (Nursing home staff will again appreciate how this prevents aches, joint pain and possible illnesses.).

Radiator Covers & Nursing Home Ambiance

One other key benefit to mention relates to ambiance or the interior environment of the nursing home. Radiators can be rather ugly or not that great to look at, and that will definitely make a room feel even more impersonal and unpleasant. Now, the radiator covers we offer at EcoRads help to cover up the unsightly metal in a way that is lovely and aesthetically pleasing. We have various designs, including modern and more traditional lines. We offer covers that are not painted, but we can also paint the covers in your chosen colour. In this way, a nursing home can inject more interest, colour and good cheer into its interior spaces. This is another key benefit of radiator covers (Nursing home environments can have a huge impact on the mood of the occupants, and their moods will have an impact on their physical health.).




November 11, 2014 by Max Pavlovski