One of our clients in hospitality sector was The Golden Ball Bar in Kiltiernan. The bar was completely redecorated. In order to hide not so good looking radiators, the designer made a decision to use Radiator Covers. We were more than happy to help and supply Energy Efficient Radiator covers. Some of Radiator covers were slightly modified to suit the interior. A secret colour was chosen to finish the look.

Top 5 reasons to choose radiator covers for your hospitality business

Architectural beauty has always driven the attention of the customers. A hospitality industry can increase the number of its regular visitors, by concentrating on the two main factors responsible for a great success - Food and Ambience! In context to a restaurant or a pub, if beauty is judged by its food presentation, then the interiors are the personality. These things can be covered by improving the look of the cabinets, furniture and changing the interiors of your restaurant or pub. One of the trendy and popular examples are the Radiator covers restaurants have installed.

5 reasons to choose radiator covers for your restaurant or pub:

  1. Competition:

The hospitality industry has a stiff competition today, as the people have become choosy and picky in terms of their regular hangout location. They want things to look beautiful. The radiator covers restaurants choose, have a beautiful setup that shows interest in the business and close attention to the customer's comfortability.

  1. Changing trend:

The trendy designs of woodwork and different colors to match the interiors are a perfect choice for the pubs to catch the beauty in one place. People praise the clean and finished work of the radiator covers pubs install, and love to go with the trend. Many restaurants and pubs have already adopted these changes in their business with the changing trend.

  1. Variety of options:

There are plenty of radiator covers to match the different size, shape and color of the interiors of your restaurant or pub. You have an option to choose as per the theme of your furniture. Some companies also offer customized radiator covers, which gives you the option to paint the cover as per your favorite color.

  1. Safety:

Sometimes the seating arrangement for the customers may be in a way that they might get close to the radiators while dancing or talking to each other. You may have kids or children in the restaurant who might accidentally touch the hot metal of radiators. A purpose of a radiator cover is to cover these hot radiators, which will help you to protect the people and the environment.

  1. Long life of interiors:

You would certainly not like the idea of frequently spending your profits on the painting of the walls. An unprotected or uncovered radiator may heat your walls and paint, spoiling the look of the restaurant. Studies have proven that radiator covers have the ability to distribute heat in a safe manner that protects the construction of the building.


December 08, 2014 by Max Pavlovski