Radiator Covers for Brand New Nursing Home

Leading Irish Construction Company management team partnered with EcoRads –the ultimate provider of top quality custom radiator covers. This is to supply and install over 270 custom radiator covers for brand new ''Care Choice'' Nursing Homes in Northern Cross Dublin. The said company has done various similar projects in the past years. But this time, it’s different. The nursing home has provided specific design for their radiator cover. Custom radiator is a heat exchanging device which either radiates or absorbs heat, provided to keep seniors comfortable and warm during cold season and prevent them from catching cold and cough. Since they are very vulnerable, they need extra care to keep them healthy and active.  

Due to the company’s specific preferences in design, EcoRads spent more time with clients for them to come up with unique radiator cover that will suit all purposes for the nursing homes, be it the comfort or aesthetic. Some features of it includes simple and easy fitting, valve cut-out easy access to adjust heating, and top quality 18 mm MDF. This deal is one of the biggest projects the company ever handled, which took them more than 2 months to finish.

All custom radiators provided by the EcoRads were cut using state of the art laser technology to get perfect fit. Apart from that, they have used Satin White Paint spray to make it look elegant and sophisticated.  All of the radiator covers were installed professionally by the EcoRad team to ensure quality installation. The establishment was still a construction site when the team installed the radiators. They complied with all the “rules and regulations” of the construction site to ensure everything are placed perfectly. Custom radiator covers were installed in corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, dining area and bedrooms.

With the use of radiator covers, people inside the nursing homes will be safe from piping hot radiators. Apart from that, they also have elegant piece of furniture where picture frame, books, magazines and more can be placed. The company is good at complying all the rules and regulations of the nursing home without sacrificing the specific design they want.

EcoRads can create radiator covers that can complement with existing themes and patterns of the establishment. Guests and residents of the nursing home will surely not recognize the radiator since this can complement even the newest or oldest furniture aesthetic value. EcoRads can address all your desired preferences for nursing homes without limitation.

October 22, 2015 by Stan Ilyukhin