Bank of Ireland’s National Enterprise Week

As sales coordinator at EcoRads, I recently had the great opportunity to attend and present our energy saving radiator covers at the Bank of Ireland’s National Enterprise Week at the company’s Rathcoole branch. National Enterprise Week occurs twice a year throughout Ireland in support of small to medium entrepreneurships like ours. The events throughout the country during this week encourage business growth and development by helping companies embrace technology, facilitating networking between businesses and entrepreneurs, and building a working community. Our company got to take advantage of this opportunity along with other local businesses and promote our brand.

Through the Enterprise Week event at the BOI Rathcoole branch, I was able to promote EcoRads to the community and other businesses by showcasing our safe, energy saving radiator covers. This gave me a chance to spread the word about the benefits of our product. Our EcoRads radiator covers improve the efficiency of your home heating system, match and improve your home’s interior design, and keep your family safe by blocking a radiator’s dangerous heat from children and pets.

Attending this event also allowed me to learn from other companies and businesses. By listening to other presentations and conversing with successful entrepreneurs, I got great tips, ideas, and suggestions for EcoRads while also promoting our products. This event truly encourages an interactive business community. The business people in attendance gladly conversed with one another and offered advice.

Bank of Ireland’s National Enterprise Week also gave me the chance to talk with customers who attended the event. Not only was I able to tell them about our brand, but I could also learn what they were looking for in a company they want to purchase from. Chatting with local customers was definitely a mutually beneficial aspect of this great event.  

Our company is especially thankful for this event and all that the Bank of Ireland does to promote and stress their ongoing commitment to small and medium entrepreneurships. We enjoyed the opportunity to spread the world about our radiator covers, learn from other companies and business people, and converse with local customers. We at EcoRads thank Bank of Ireland for this fantastic event and look forward to another National Enterprise Week.


May 15, 2015 by Max Pavlovski