Radiator Covers for Creches and Montessories

Some individuals might be less inclined to cold chill so they started their heat. That only means that radiators are steaming hot and there are floor-to-ceiling burning hot pipes. The question is how can you proof your children to those things? Do you need to? Well of course the answer will be yes! There are some radiator covers for Creches and Montessories.

There are some kids who are at risk of touching, playing and falling near the radiators. According to study, kids under 5 years old are at risk to do this kind of things. A study concluded by CDC that since the year 1991 to 1994, there are a total of ten children who treated in the pediatric clinic from burns from a contact of radiators. Though it is long ago, it is a must that we provide a radiator cover to your school.

The best way to guard your students is to have a radiator cover. Providing safe and secure environment, radiator covers for Creches and Montessories will allow the school to maintain their heating equipment although preventing any hazard of burns to the children. We have been fulfilled a list of topmost features of our great radiators and heater shield products.

Hera is some standout reasons why you should install radiator covers for Creches and Montessories:

  • We had great experience supplying and installing our Energy Efficient Radiator Covers in Happy Feet Childcare in Rathcoole. Our entire radiator covers were supplied in Satin White finishes with our Heat Save Foil Lining Kit which can help to save up to 25% on heating bill.
  • We are not just offering great-looking and environment friendly radiators but as well as we will make your place the coziest condition in the world where you can always want to go back. These radiators come at affordable and economical rates.
  • Our radiator are designed to use as heating device, our coatings are unaltered by the heat. In case the children touch it, they will be safe.
  • We have different types of radiator covers that comes in different sizes, colors and shape. You can find at least one that is best suitable for the interior of your school.

By installing radiator covers for Creches and Montessories you are not only buying a unique and exclusive piece of furniture but also protecting children from hot radiators. We already know that young kids are very prone to touching, so this is the best way to protect them against burn. You should also bear in mind not to forget that according to the Irish rules and regulations, all radiators should not exceed higher than 43°C. That’s why it is so important to have them covered.

We are working and installing the radiator covers outside the working hours so that the comfort and the safety of the children are not disturbed. It was not a problem for us to go an extra mile to deliver our product and service for our customers as long as we meet the satisfaction that our clients paid for. We know that the first priority of Creches is to have the safety of their students. We are also inclined in the safety of our customers. Here at EcoRads we will build and maintain customers business by gathering and exceeding the wants of need of our clients. Radiator covers for Creches and Montessories assures that we will provide good and safety working environment for your students and staffs.

April 16, 2015 by Max Pavlovski