Radiators Covers And Cabinets For Hotels

Nesbitt Arm hotel in Ardara, Co. Donegal was one of our clients in hotel sector. The owner/ designer had in mind the radiator covers which will look nice and simple, be reasonably priced and have a good quality. EcoRads just added a little feature to all of the above by supplying Heat Save foil lining Kit which can help to save up to 25% on heating bills. If you are running a hotel business and are looking for high-quality radiators covers and cabinets for your hotel rooms then there is no better option available in the market than Ecorads radiators. We are Ireland based company specialised in producing state-of-the-art radiator covers and cabinets either for a bungalow or a major hotel renovation. Our theory is simple: Ensure economy and quality minded clients the ability to buy exclusive radiator covers which are built according to their needs and is within their budget.

Our radiators come in two styles; Modern and Classic. Each of our radiator cover is distinct and unique as it is built according to the requirements of our customers. The design is simple, classy and elegant. Thus our radiator cover is not just an ordinary cover; it is decorative piece of furniture complementing the decor of the whole place. The Ecorads provide radiator covers and cabinets that are smart, environment-friendly, safe and affordable. We guarantee you that no other company can offer such an exciting deal, all in one package.

Why our company stands out in the crowd? It is because we not just take care of your environment but we also take care about your bills and thus basically, you. We know that installing radiator covers and cabinets in a hotel can be massively expensive and put a lot of pressure on the budget therefore we have come up with Heat Save Foil Lining Kit in our covers which ensure maximum heat distribution in the right ways thus leading to lower energy costs. Thus you can save up to 25% on heating bills by installing our radiator covers and cabinets in your hotel.

Our basic radiator covers comes in plain MDF or white but they can be painted in any color as required or left as it is. The assembling procedure is also quite easy and trouble-free. We want to be honest with our customers therefore there are no hidden costs in the total expenditure on the radiator covers and cabinets. Furthermore in order to facilitate our customers we also provide free home delivery service so as to relieve the expense and hassle of transportation that our customers have to bear.

Our mission is to provide the best and the most energy efficient radiator covers and for that our teams work each and every day to deliver you up to your expectations. We don’t want to just deliver radiator covers to our clients rather we believe in building a relationship of trust with our customers by providing them value in everything we do for them whether it is our product or the personal service that we provide. We want our customers to be happy and not just satisfied with our performance. Moreover we also do not forget the impact we have on the environment therefore we encourage the use of renewable resources in our production to avoid waste production and thus contribute to the environment in a positive way. So Ecorads should definitely be your first choice next time you think of installing radiator covers or cabinets for your hotel renovation.

March 10, 2015 by Max Pavlovski